Let the Israelites cross the line. Old Testament: Genesis Chapter 1 Genesis 1 ppt Genesis 1 script Genesis 1,2 ppt ... Chapter 12 Exodus 12 ppt Exodus 12:1-14 script Chapter 14 Exodus 14 ppt Exodus 14:1-28 script ... Is this a resource that I can use with my Sunday School class? While the Israelites were walking in the desert… Everyone, pretend like you're walking through the desert… on their way to their new home that God was taking them to, they got close to the town of Rephidim. He told them to collect enough for two days – for Saturday and Sunday – because He wasn't going to give them any bread on Sunday. I. children's sermons about the Exodus The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible: Moses The New Testament passover, the Lord's supper, ought not to be neglected by any. They were to bake some bread without waiting for it to rise, and on a certain night, they were to kill a lamb and roast it. ), (Moses reads the following script based on Game: Impersonating the Plagues Make your Sunday School fun and relevant for your kids! – This is an oldie but a goodie with an animation style that's more lifelike. . This lesson would work for Sunday School or Children’s Church. ), Needed: The Passover Passover Sunday School Lesson For Kids: BOTTOM LINE: God has a special plan for each of us. When you find yourself in a hard situation, do you think God can rescue you like He rescued Moses and the Israelites? (Because people aren't supposed to work on Sunday or do other things. ), What happened to the left-over bread? Game: Crossing the Red Sea And Moses said to the people, "Stop whining and complaining against God and saying that you wish you were still slaves. (God gave them enough bread for two days. Moses: Let God’s people go! Purpose: In today’s lesson we will learn about the forgiveness from God we receive which You can freely license our resources under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. This is UNIT 1 with 13 lessons … When someone turns on a light or shines a flashlight, everyone has to stop and take off their shoes as quickly as they can. Includes children’s Sunday School lessons and children’s sermons on the entire Bible! He wanted them to be in church… Everyone, pretend like you're in church… and resting the rest of the day on Sunday… Everyone, pretend like you're resting… instead of going out and collecting the bread. We are going to clean the yeast out of our room. Herbs (rosemary sprigs, basil leaves) – Exodus 12:8 Matzah – Exodus 12: 8, 15, 20 Tunic – Exodus 12:11 Small door from a children’s play set or a picture of a door – Exodus 12:7, 22 As soon as the baby is in the basket, a student from the other side of the room runs out and unwraps the baby. Following this lesson might be a great time to do a series of lessons on the Ten Commandments. Invite kids to name the people they love, and say a prayer of thanks for their safety. Many Jewish people today still celebrate and remember Passover with a Seder Meal. That means no permission is needed as long as you credit this Ministry-To-Children.com in the final work. Closing Prayer: (Summarize Try to beat your previous times. 4 If a household is too small for a lamb, it should share one with a neighbor nearby. God told them to only collect as much as they needed for that day, but some people wanted to get more. (The Israelites put the blood of a lamb on the doorframe of their houses. Many, many years before Jesus was born, God’s people were enslaved in Egypt. I wonder why God gave the Hebrews all of these special instructions for celebrating the Passover every year? Questions for Discussion and Thinking Further. Moses: (to Pharaoh) God says to let my people go! Pharaoh still wouldn't listen, so God made frogs, thousands and thousands of frogs, come and cover the whole country. We appreciate your website and you inspire us to do better as parents to teach our kids about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. (Yes.). And they caught the birds and cooked them and ate them. Anyone who eats bread made with yeast at any time during the seven days of the festival will be cut off from the community of Israel.” God gave fresh bread to the people every day, but on Saturday, He told them to collect a little extra. EXODUS EXODUS 1:1-22 NEXT 2:1-25 INTRODUCTION: 1In the first chapter of the Book of Exodus, we learned of the cruel oppression of the Israelites by the Egyptians. He had so much to do during the day that he didn't think much about it, but at night Moses missed the excited voices of his little boys and the warm smile of his wife, Zipporah. Everyone say, "manna." That way, kids get two visual perspectives on the same story, along with all the lessons you taught in between. So in the middle of the night, I took all of the Israelites and left Egypt. God instructed the Israelites not to use yeast to make their bread right before he led them out of Egypt because there would not be time for the bread to rise before they had to leave.” But when God says something, you just have to trust Him and do it. How did it feel to be the one freezing people? This Communion meal continues to give Christians a way to gather together and remember Jesus’ saving power. This began with enslavement and harsh treatment. Sunday, February 7, 2016, is from . Dear God,/Thank you/for saving us./Help us/to remember/and celebrate/all you have done./Amen. Listen to Exodus 12:14-15: “You must remember this day forever. Please use our childrens ministry curriculum and Sunday School material for any purpose that brings honor to Jesus. Dear Jesus, thank You for being the perfect Lamb who takes away our sin. Purpose: In Sweden, a model for the movement, it is illegal to spank your children or even to administer such discipline as sending them to bed or depriving them of TV. Where were the Israelites going? I was too afraid. Printable children's Sunday school curriculum with high quality, easy to use lessons. Aaron took my staff and threw it down on the ground and God turned into a snake. and Pharaoh: No! They were treated horribly and God was not pleased. After God had sent 9 different plagues, and Pharaoh was STILL keeping God’s people as his slaves, God knew that God would have to do something drastic. God sent several plagues to Egypt – God turned the water red, made all the Egyptian animals sick, and sent lots of frogs to jump all over the place. But, then, Pharaoh's magicians did a magic trick to make it look like their staves also turned into snakes. God said, "I brought you out of Egypt to be a special, holy nation. Strangers, if circumcised, might eat of the passover. (enters, carrying a staff) Hello again, everyone! Where were the people walking? Steve has a Master's of Divinity and has served as an associate pastor for about 7 years. Superbook: Let My People Go When the class returns to the classroom, have them sit down and say, “When God set the Hebrews free, they left so quickly they never had time to finish making their bread. It also uses the idea of time travelers to go back and observe the story. INTRODUCTION. Intro Game: Desert Survival Gear Relay Children will experience the Passover story and explore how God saves his people and we use special meals like the Seder Meal at Passover and Holy Communion to remember God’s great grace. Tell the class that: When they woke up the next day… Everyone, act like you're waking up… that left-over bread that they had kept was all moldy and covered in maggots. coloring and activity pages along with a memory match game The early life of Moses teaches us about God’s sovereignty and calling. ABOUT the BIBLE Curriculum for Kids This exciting new curriculum will get kids into the BIBLE like never before - one book at a time over the course of 52 weeks. Also, view their lesson on Everyone, act like you're climbing up a high hill. (Three days. And, if you like this lesson we have over 100 more free Sunday School Lessons for Kids! But Pharaoh said, "I don't believe in God, so I'm not going to let the Israelites go. They ran to the desert and had to bake it in the hot sun. You can also act out the plagues as a whole class. (God wanted Pharaoh to let the Israelites go out of Egypt and to stop making them be slaves. They were jumping up on people's tables and bothering everything. supporters will find print-out lessons for this post and a sheet for the Desert Survival Relay Game. Why was Moses was holding up his hands? Need More Help? And when Moses brought his hands down from reaching up to God, Joshua and the Israelites started losing the fight. The truth is we don't know why the Amalekites attacked.). – Remind students of how Moses' mother put him in a basket and put him by the river for the princess to find him. Free Sunday School Curriculum has The angel killed the oldest child in every house. * The bread we are used to eating has flour, water, and yeast in it. ), Seder Symbols (stuffed lamb, red liquid, herbs, matzah, tunic, door, matches). They started to run through the sea on the dry ground to chase us, but then, God said, "Stretch your staff out toward the sea again.". Next, He made big hail fall on the Egyptians, like big rocks falling out of the sky. Finally, Pharaoh asked us to pray for God to take away the frogs. ), Why didn't the angel kill any of the Israelites' children? Then, He made the water come back down and drown the Egyptian army.). Everyone, grab hands and help each other keep your hands up. Game: Amalekites vs. Israelites (They were hungry and couldn't find any food in the desert.). Matzah – Exodus 12: 8, 15, 20 Zipporah and the boys (Gershom and Eliezer) had stayed in Egypt ), Do you think you would get thirsty after walking in the desert and not having any water for three days? The check out our Exodus lesson plan or browse our list of free Sunday School lessons. Live. A week later, Aaron and I went back to Pharaoh and said, "God says to let His people go." Aaron hit the water of the river with his staff and all the water in Egypt turned into blood. Everyone, look grumpy. Commentary on Exodus 12:43-51 (Read Exodus 12:43-51) In times to come, all the congregation of Israel must keep the passover. Instruct the children to look quietly and calmly. Leave. (He made a bunch of birds fly in and land on the ground for them to eat and He made bread appear on the ground.). (He made the water good to drink. – Have students draw a picture of something they might need and how God might supply that need. Everyone, act like birds coming in for a landing. Perfect for Sunday School or Children's Church. So, Moses' brother Aaron and Hur hurried up and helped Moses keep his hands up, reaching up to God. That night, God sent His angel to kill all of the firstborn children in Egypt. Start with Preschool Sunday School lessons… This is sometimes the awakening for many of my students to understand . , – Divide students into two teams. They have 2 minutes to figure out how to act out that plague without using words. . (To show that God is more powerful than the magicians' magic tricks. What did Moses do when the people couldn't drink the water? . If Pharaoh would have listened, God wouldn't have had to do all those things. Showing videos is a great way to give kids an idea of what life was like in the time of the story. Purpose: ), What did God do when Pharaoh wouldn't listen to Him? using the following story and asking the included questions as you read.). I told Pharaoh, "God says to let His people go." The Bible tells us that God gave the Hebrews instructions for the first Passover (that was when God led them out of Egypt) AND instructions for how to celebrate the Passover every year after that. [Review the Timeline in the classroom, if available.] ), What did God want Pharaoh to do? Jesus' blood saves us, just like the blood of the lamb saved the Israelite children. Take turns letting people turn on the light or have the flashlight. How to build your children’s ministry with free resources for your children’s ministry or family time. So, he sent his army to attack and bring us back. The Prince of Egypt Herbs (rosemary sprigs, basil leaves) – Exodus 12:8 This will be your memory verse for this lesson. follow the verse- by-verse . Because Pharaoh was being stubborn and not letting God’s people go, God had to convince him. What happened on Saturday? Exodus 17:8-16 Story Drama: (The Amalekites. – Hold a contest of who can keep both arms raised in the arm the longest. He was afraid that God might do something worse to him if he didn't let us go. We weren't slaves anymore. (They should have prayed and asked God to help them. Suggest that maybe the Amalekites were afraid that the Israelites were coming to attack them. Welcome the group to your “home” and invite them to sit on pillows around a low table. God didn't want to do all of those bad things to the Egyptians. The game is finished when all of the necessary items have been collected. But, when they tried to drink it, it tasted bad because there was something wrong with it. Exodus 15:22-16:36 I showed them how God could make my staff turn into a snake and how God could make my hand get a disease but then get better. Next, God made all the cows in Egypt die, but let the cows that Israelites had live. So, God said to Moses, "Moses, I'm going to give the people food to eat." It crushed all of the farmers' food and made holes in the buildings. Everyone, show me your best "gross face". Play as long as time allows. Exodus 18-19 Moses was very lonely. God’s blessings of the Israelites caused the Egyptians to fear them and to attempt to insure their control over them. Act like you're catching birds and then cooking and eating them. Snack: Manna Check out his Patreon or the About page to find out how you can help support his efforts. Plan your Sunday School lessons each week with these free ideas! I did, and God made the wall of water on the right and the wall of water on the left come back down and drown the whole Egyptian army so that they couldn't get us. Exodus 12:1-14 Christ Our Passover. – This DreamWorks movie does take some liberties with the Biblical story, but it can still be a great resource for teaching. When the angel saw the blood, he knew not to enter that house.). When they return tell them that even today many Jewish families begin their Passover celebration by getting rid of anything that has yeast in it. OBJECTIVE: Kids will state that God has a plan for them. I hope you and your students find these lessons to be beneficial as you and they seek to grow closer to Christ. When the Egyptians do, tell them they're out because they crossed the line. Father God, we thank You that You always know what we need and You're always there to help us. We pray that You'll help us to trust You and pray to You when we need something. , and But, after a while, Moses' arms got tired and he had to bring them down. (It got maggots on it and got all moldy.). International Bible Lessons . If you missed it, I recommend picking up the lessons in Preparing for the Exodus. Tell the Israelites to run in a certain direction when you say, "Go." What was the problem this time? And that night, God sent a bunch of birds, hundreds and thousands of them, that came and landed in the people's camp. That is why Jewish people, to this day, celebrate Passover with a Seder every year. After the children have given their answers read Exodus 13:3 &16 to give them God’s reason for the specific instructions. He let the Israelites cross the Red Sea (the line), but not the Egyptians. .). It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith. Moses: Sunday, October 25, 2020. Needed: This page will help you prepare your Sunday school lessons and children's church lessons from the book of Exodus. And there are quite a few choices when it comes to the story of the Exodus. Each year you will celebrate it as a special festival to the Lord. Look for The Exodus Children's Sunday School Lessons coming next. using pepper and dish detergent in Pharaoh: Go, take them and go! Scripture Exploration: God gave the Hebrews some other instructions for what to do for the first Passover and how to celebrate it every year after that. Slaves to Conquerors: Children's Sunday School Lessons for Exodus – Joshua These and all the other lessons from this series are included in my book International Bible Lesson Commentary. ), How did God help them? We also thank You for saving us by the blood of Jesus. Then, God said, "Moses, stretch your staff out toward the sea." The fish in the river died and no one could drink any water. God sent my older brother, Aaron, to help me, and when we got back to Egypt, I told all the Israelites that God cared about them and wanted to take them out of Egypt so that they wouldn't have to be slaves anymore. I recommend using one or two of these video options as bookends to your series on Moses. When you lower your arms, the Amalekites chase the Israelites. It's also an older series, but the animation style is modern, so kids should still enjoy it just as well. One team is the Israelites, the other the Egyptians. volunteer to play Moses (you can be Moses if you want), long stick for a staff, index cards with plagues written on them, flashlight, baby doll, basket, blanket. When all of the necessary items have been collected, however, point out that none of the cards had any food or water on them. Lesson Exodus 19-20 Moses led the Israelites to Mount Sinai, the place where Moses talked to the Angel of the Lord at the burning bush. This is exactly what happened as Moses was adopted by a Princess in Pharaoh’s household. Building the Nation They should take the blood from the lamb and put it on their door post, and this would be the sign that the last plague should not come to that home. After that, Aaron and I went to the palace to talk to Pharaoh. They'll complain that that this isn't fair, but explain that this is what God did for the Israelites. “Stop and follow me!” Lead the children out of the classroom, down the hall, through the offices, etc., eventually returning to the room. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. God…over all. Have the Israelites stand a few feet in front of the Egyptians. Everyone, act like you're hungry. In this bag I have some object that are symbols of some of those instructions. Passover begins Friday night. As Christians, we're also saved by the blood of a lamb. On 2-7-16, Exodus 12:1-14 will be our Adult Sunday School/ Uniform Series/ International Sunday School Lesson, herein is my commentary. Then a wrapper wraps, etc. Jesus gave clear instructions that we should share wine and bread and remember him. God had said that He would make Pharaoh let us go, and that's what He did. On the very first day you must remove every trace of yeast from your homes. – Divide students into two teams for a game of tag. Otherwise, continue the narrative series with lessons Israel learned Then, Moses prayed to God and God told him to throw some wood into the water. The Ministry-to-Children website includes a Also, view their lesson on The Passover , Moses Leads the People out of Egypt , Through the Red Sea , and God Gives Manna to Eat . – You will need an adult-size pair of shoes and a large hat as well as game cards with necessary and unnecessary items pictured on them. Read the scripture listed next to the object below. No, God put a wall of fire between us and the Egyptian army so that they couldn't get to us. I said, "God says to let His people go. ", Pharaoh said, "What can you do to prove that your God is real and that I should listen to Him?". ... Jews and Christians because it helps to determine the date of Passover next week and the date of Easter Day this coming Sunday. ", The next morning, Aaron and I went back to talk to Pharaoh. (Show the children a piece of regular sandwich bread and point out all the “bubbles” that are formed by the yeast.) – Give each child or group a card with a plague written on it. Finally, God told me to tell all the Israelites to kill a lamb and to put its blood on the doorframes of their front doors. Hello, hello! By contributing writer, Nicole VanderMeulen, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Renton, Washington. The full moon I saw, the first after the spring equinox, sets the dates for the central celebrations in Judaism and Christianity. Why do you think they collected more? After the prayer, invite Moses to go back to Pharaoh: Family Activity Page. Download 150+ FREE Sunday School lessons for kids! Moses Crossing the Red Sea Tell them that God gave the Israelites their food and water and then hand them the cards picturing those things. (He prayed to God for help. lesson activity Why do you think the Amalekites attacked the Israelites? But, then, Pharaoh's magicians did a magic trick to make it look like they could turn water into blood too. Sunday School Lesson on the Tabernacle in Exodus— How to Explain the Invisible to Kids (Exodus 25:8) The Tabernacle isn’t one of the easiest things to make relevant to kids, but this lesson will help you explain the idea that the tabernacle still exists today. Being raised with royal privileg… They had no time to put yeast in the dough to make it light and fluffy. Then, He made flies, more flies than you've ever seen, come. (2-3) Give each group a small plastic sandwich bag and tell them to collect the croutons you have placed around the room and/or church. Communion Connection: When Jesus gathered with his disciples for the Last Supper, they were celebrating Passover. Tell the children that the manna God gave the Israelites was bread that tasted like it had honey in it. What are the royalties, etc. , Explanation: The big idea is that when we gather together around food and drink, Jesus is with us too, and this unites and strengthens our Christian community. Who saved you when you were frozen? When the Israelites got close to Rephidim, the people of that town, called the Amalekites… Everyone, say "Amalekites"… came out and attacked them! Use this children's Sunday School lesson to teach children about God's provision. (In the desert. Teach your Sunday school classes with memory verses, objects lessons, and other ideas from our Sunday School lessons, courtesy of our partner ChildrensMinistryDeals.com. God told me, "Lead the Israelites through the sea on the dry ground." And that's how God rescued us from slavery in Egypt. Time how long they can all keep their hands raised. – This book is perfect if your group is mostly made of preschoolers or early elementary students. Title: Moses and Pharaoh Scripture: Exodus 5-7:13 Target Age Group: 3 rd-5 th grade Supplies: Sponge, rock, pan, pitcher of water, white paper, pencils, light and dark-colored crayons Bonus Ideas: Compare this lesson plan with our larger series on Sunday School lessons on the life of Moses.Younger children may enjoy these “Moses Songs” for preschoolers. Last time, I said that God talked to me out of that burning bush and told me that He wanted me to be the leader who would bring the Israelites out of Egypt so that they wouldn't be slaves anymore. (He was holding up his hands to God for God to help them.) They're supposed to use their time to go to church and to rest. God proves through the plagues that He is the only god, and the pharaoh was powerless to protect his people. But, some people gathered more bread than they really needed. Lesson 12: Keeping the Fifth— Exodus 20:12 (Eph. Allow the kids to paint red paint on the (paper covered) doorpost to the room. Review Questions (Yes.). They run back to their team and give the shoes and hat to the next person, and the game continues. Bible Fun Factory Volume 3 I wonder what would have happened if the Hebrews had put yeast in their bread and waited for it to rise before they started to leave Egypt? Exodus chapter 12 KJV (King James Version) 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,. Includes skits, games, discussion questions and parent take home sheets. ), Would you be frustrated if you were them? The first person in the line wears the shoes (because the Israelites were walking through sand and that's pretty difficult) and the hat (to keep the desert sun out of their eyes). Kids run in a semi-lit room. Bible Story: Exodus 12 The Passover ), Do you think you should listen to God when He tells you to do something? Because of His blood, God doesn't punish us. (God was punishing Pharaoh because he wouldn't listen to God. When the Israelites yelled at Moses and said, "You've brought us here to make us die of (Yes.). For churches that regularly observe the sacrament of Holy Communion, each of these Bible stories and lessons can be connected to the story of The Last Supper and the belief that Jesus told us to eat bread and drink wine together and remember him. Exodus 16 - 17 God was leading the children of Israel into the desert country. ; Place of Action: Mount Sinai Golden Text: “And the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel” (Exodus 24:17). Every kids church ministry deserves the very best resources for teaching God’s Word, even when they don’t have the financial resources. – The remake of the classic series is a hit with kids. Lesson: Pharaoh: No! demonstration Give each group an area to look and give them 5 minutes to search their area. They had to keep walking through the desert to get to their new home, the place where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph had all been from before the Israelites moved to Egypt. (He punished the Egyptians and even sent an angel to kill all of the firstborn children. in Felicia Mollohan's (No, they were frustrated. God made gnats come and bother everyone. Amen. They were really annoying. When we were on the other side, God moved the wall of fire so that the Egyptians could see us on the other side of the sea.